Hold up, let me talk about Brother Bear for a moment.

This movie was made in 2003, so it was a pretty large chunk of my Childhood. As I’ve grown up and rewatched it, I finally realize what this movie was really about.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, this movie is about a Native American Tribesman who was hunting a bear with his brother. They cornered the bear on the glacier, and the main character, Kenai, loses a brother because the glacier cracks under his feet. 

As an act of revenge, Kenai hunts down the bear and kills it on holy ground.

As punishment, the spirits turned him into his spirit animal, a bear. He wakes up dazed and confused in the wilderness, where he realizes that he’s living as the very thing he just killed. The very creature he grew up hating because his tribe made them out to be destructive creatures. Which they were for them.

That’s when Kenai meets Koda. A young, orphaned cub, who just wants to get home. He misses his mother, and he doesn’t have anyone else to turn to.

ANY type of animal (or person) would be afraid if they lost their parents, as it is psychological nature to imprint yourself onto whoever raised you. And so Kenai decides to help Koda, but only because Koda can lead him to the spiritual grounds where he can repent.

Koda is afraid of humans. Which is obvious, because wouldn’t you be afraid of a human if they tried to hunt you down and kill you with spears? But of course, Kenai hates bears, which is why he has to bring himself to understand bears from their perspective.

This movie has a wonderful moral, which is to look from another person’s shoes (or in this case, paws), and understand their side of the story. It makes you consider what it’s like to be someone else, and to understand from another persons (or creatures) perspective.

If you haven’t seen Brother Bear, I recommend it highly. It’s one of my favorite Disney movies, the animation is beautiful, and the story is rich.

this movie was fANTASTIC

but i think you forgot to mention that koda was orphaned by kenai? the bear kenai killed was actually koda’s mother?